Improvements in the measurement of chlorophylloids in soybean oil (Litin and Brooks, Fall ACS 2015)

Presented at the Fall 2015 ACS Meeting.

by and David D. Brooks

Innovation Center, Oil-Dri Coporation of America,

Vernon Hills, IL 60061


An improved procedure using HPLC with fluorescence detection for the measurement of chlorophylloids in refined bleached soybean oil was developed. These improvements allow a simple and rapid method for the analysis of chlorophylloids in products including chlorophyll, pheophytin and pyropheophytin in refined bleached soybean oil. By exchanging the standard photomultiplier tube in the fluorescence detector with a red-sensitive Hamamatsu R928HA PMT, a 300 fold increase in sensitivity was achieved. A direct analysis of diluted soybean oil was performed without further sample preparation. Calibration of the analysis was performed by quantification of purified chlorophylloids by UV/VIS spectroscopy.

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