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I have this question. There is ISO 6974-6 for the determination of natural gas. Is it possible to do this analysis in one chromatograph? It is necessary to determine He, N2, H2, O2, CH4, as well as CO2, C2H6 and C1-C8 hydrocarbons. And bette in a wider range.

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  • Hi Azrael, Publication Part Number: A02028 might be one of several apps to look at.  if you could elaborate which targets are nice but not required for quantitation?  It appears that Argon is the carrier and sample prep diluent gas then, though He/H2 are options.  Argon is required to see H2 on a TCD.  N2-O2 are unresolved critical pairs on a CP7429 special Permanent Gasses Column at 40 degC argon flow.  CP7429 utilizes two column splitters.  It is better to configure two valves to two SSL inlets to Agilent J&W GS-CarbonPLOT GC Column for C1-C6 & CO2; the other channel a MolSieve column for H2,N2,O2,C1.  Methanizer if CO2 range is < 5% v/v. 


    Propose a dual SSL inlet TCD(ch2) TCD FID(ch 1) and valved chromatograph; I was only blessed with single SSL inlet TCD-FID chromatograph.  There are Sample Selector valves w/controller to appreciate overcoming manual sampling walking with syringe etc. to possibly remote-controlled automatic sampling.  Sample line heating/flushing/maintenance plan would need a solution. 


    There are laser-raman or mass-spec instrumentation application notes around this topic as well.


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    Something figured out already. The task was to analyze the permanent gas and hydrocarbons C1-C10. I did not find in the descriptions whether this can be done. There are c1-c5 and c6 +. And the customer wants to do everything with a margin. The bigger, the better. I found a system of three detectors, two TCD and one PID with two valves - a solution from agilent for gas analysis. I think it’s suitable for them.

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