GC Agilent 7890B-TCD -PDHID-FID

I have proposed system from agilent 7890B to check high purity gases  . system consists of TCD , PDHID and FID . me question is do you think that system is complicated and i have risk that if any fault happened the whole system will be down . How to guard PDHID from dirty gases how to take care of that detector.


Please see attached DRAWING

  • Hopefully one of our community members can jump in here if they have experience with this setup. It looks to me like its a valco detector. I did find this web resource http://www.vici.com/support/manuals/d2.pdf  that may help. Valco may be able to supply more information. This is also a good question to ask your sales representative as they would have access to an Agilent Application Engineer.


  • Yes James it is valco detector installed on Agilent 7890B. just i want to know from agilent expert how to keep this detector away from any contamination because when it sees dirty gases it takes long time for recovery .

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