Can OL CDS IR (2.5) be used to produce reports for external data?

My lab is in the midst of pushing for automating calculations via intelligent reporter. I've been able to manage what we need so far, but not all of our data is produced with agilent systems. It would be great if we could use IR to automate our calculations for other systems. I'm aware of custom code and custom assemblies and have an inkling of how this would work, but have not used those two much to this point. The minimum requirements would be to be able to take in data in a file format (CSV, XML, or similar), then be able to work with it by filtering, sorting, and using said data in expressions much like in datasets produced by agilent systems.

I'm fully aware that the structure of said data would be entirely determined by the input file and may never be the same as how it is in agilent data sets and will likely be lacking in many of the different fields normally provided. Additionally, I am aware that any reports to be used will need to be adjusted to work with these differences. Lastly, I know that any data reported on will likely fall outside of the umbrella safety net provided for traceability and security. The raw data would be secured through the system it was produced by and the purpose of this would purely be to automate calculations and print out a nice looking report in a system we already are familiar with doing so in.

Is this possible? If so, how would one get started?

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