create compound summary table with average of multiple injections


I typically run a sequence of at least 10 different samples, with 3-5 injections per sample. I would like to create a report template that will  give a compound summary table and display only the average concentrations from 3 injections, instead of 3 different reports or 1 table with each compound name repeated 3x for each injection.

Ideal situation would be a template similar to Short_quant_ESTD format, but i can select multiple injections and using a template generate a simple table (maybe even chart) that uses the average values instead if individual injections

I tired changing the value to = avg(compound concentration) however its gives the mean of all compounds in an injection rather than average the same compound over multiple injections.

Is what i am trying even possible? It would make it significantly easier to generate reports direct for clients if so.

Thanks in advance for any help

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