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Is it possible to read the processing method type from a CC? A want to know if it is AreaPercent or Quantitative method. (If the user uses a wrong type, an msgbox will warn him/her)



  • I'm working on Methyl Methacrlyate (MMA) monomer analysis on the same GC that runs alcohols. Looks like I'm going to finally standardize my original capillary method from the 1980's so it can be round-robined and published by ASTM.

    In my main Methods folder there are more than one method, but for client work their specific Report Template needs the exact Processing method for it to be properly reportable.

    I added a Text box (Fixed_Text) right on top of the chromatogram where I want to see the error message. When you drag the Text item onto the report editor it is a blank placeholder by default.

    Then right-click on the blank text box and select properties.

    The Value will be blank, hit the fx button and for MMA this is the logic I use:

    =If(Injection_DAMethodName <> "MMA.pmx" and Injection_DAMethodName <> "*MMA.pmx", "Wrong Results! This Report Template requires MMA.pmx proc method!", "")

    I typed that into the Expression Editor, hit OK, and it then appears as Value.

    I'm not going by Quantitation Type, instead using exact Processing Method names in my case.

    Any other processing method besides the two I allowed will trigger the error message. Otherwise a null string of text prints nothing (since there are no characters in between the final set of quotation marks).

    You can drag the left and right limits of the text box to make it wide enough for the message to print on a single line.

    Selecting the Font will allow changing the displayed character size of the error message, and also you can select a different color for the displayed text.

    No Custom Calculations were required for this message which is tied to the Report Template, the Report simply reminds you if the Processing method was not the ideal choice.

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    You could also do something as below. The like function from vb works in the expression editor and the UCASE will keep issues like naming the method mma.pmx a problem with the template. 

    Marty Adams

    =If(UCASE(Injection_DAMethodName) like "*MMA.PMX", "","Wrong Results! This Report Template requires MMA.pmx proc method!")

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