Custom calculation not working after manual integration

I have a variety of custom calculation that I display and while most of them automatically update when I perform a manual integration, I have two calculations that do not do so, showing up as "0%". 

I can still get them to update, but only if I right click on the injection or injection set and select "Link selected injections to selected method".

After clicking on this, the calculations once again will work.

Calculation performed on the column data:

Potential CBD calculation: =IIf(Compound_Name="CBD",FormatPercent(Round(CCR(Injection_CustomCalculationResults,"Potential_CBD"),2)/100),"")


% Per Weight calculation: =FormatPercent((Compound_Amount*CFE((Sample_CustomFields),"IPA Weight/mL")/CFE((Sample_CustomFields),"HPLC Amt/mL")*CFE((Sample_CustomFields),"HPLC IPA Amt/mL")/CFE((Sample_CustomFields),"Sample Weight/g"))/1000000)

Calculation performed in Custom Calculator:

Is there anyway to have these perform automatically without having to "Link Selected Injections" again?
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