Cirrus GPC Software using UIB Signal

How do I get Cirrus GPC software to import and recognize the detector signal collected using an interface box?  The GPC software recognizes the Agilent Photodiode Array UV signal, but not the UIB signal.

I have Cirrus GPC data analysis software for OpenLAB ChemStation Edition.  And, I connect a non-Agilent ELSD or RID to an Agilent 1100 HPLC using a 1200 Infinity Universal Interface Box II. 

When performing a routine HPLC run, the UIB and PDA signals are simultaneously collected and peaks integrated.  However, when I activate the Cirrus GPC software and perform a run, the GPC software only recognizes the UV signal.

Also, is there a good place for tutorials on how to use Cirrus GPC software?  I've read the online Help, but this software is very different than the Totalchrom GPC software on my other LC system.

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