How to capture live running traces from MSO7104B oscilloscope with the help of MATLAB without any delay?

% Create instrument object for Agilent oscilloscope
oscilloscope = visa('agilent', 'GPIB0::9::INSTR'); % Change the VISA address as per your oscilloscope configuration
% Set communication parameters
set(oscilloscope, 'InputBufferSize', 1024);
set(oscilloscope, 'Timeout', 10);
% Open communication with the oscilloscope
% Configure oscilloscope settings
fprintf(oscilloscope, ':WAVEFORM:FORMAT BYTE'); % Set waveform format to BYTE
fprintf(oscilloscope, ':WAVEFORM:UNIFORM:ENABLE 1'); % Enable uniform waveform data
fprintf(oscilloscope, ':WAVEFORM:POINTS 10000'); % Set the number of points to capture
fprintf(oscilloscope, ':WAVEFORM:SOURCE CH1'); % Select the waveform source (e.g., Channel 1)
fprintf(oscilloscope, ':WAVEFORM:DATA?'); % Request waveform data
% Read and process the waveform data continuously
isCapturing = true;
while isCapturing
% Read waveform data
waveformData = binblockread(oscilloscope, 'int16'); % Read waveform data as int16
waveformData = waveformData'; % Transpose the data for easier processing
% Perform processing or analysis on the waveformData
% Example: Calculate the maximum value of the captured waveform
maxValue = max(waveformData);
% Plot the captured waveform in real-time
% Check for an exit condition (e.g., press a key to stop capturing)
if kbhit % Check if a key is pressed
isCapturing = false;
% Close communication with the oscilloscope
% Clean up the instrument object
clear oscilloscope;
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