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Version control of Acq. Method in Sequences and Single Sample?

Question asked by pomegranate on Nov 9, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2020 by ryoboyle

OpenLab CDS 2.4


Edit: After testing this, I could not reproduce this in either sequence or single sample.  The method updated in every variation of testing.  Sorry!




I've had lab members tell me their Sequences and Single Sample injections do not update to the latest version of the Acq. method like in ChemStation (e.g. editing injection volume in the method after creating the sequence or loading a method to Single Sample).  Instead it is - probably - using the version current when the Acq. method was first loaded from the "Select an acquisition method".  


[1] I know the last modified date/time can be seen upon adding the method.  Is there a way to see the versioning of the method in Acquisition, prior to running, from an existing Sequence or the Single Sample layouts to ensure they are using the updated parameters or latest version of the method?  


[2] Is there a way to enforce the use of the latest version of the method within a Project?



Thank you!