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How to recover missing GC-MS data for Chemstation?

Question asked by markneverland on Oct 31, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2020 by markneverland

Hi everyone.

In my university there's an old computer with very limited free space on the hard disk and occasionally it runs out of space. I was acquiring GC-MS data and there was still some free space on the disk, but then I tried to take a snapshot of the run and the system blocked. It didn't allow me to take the snapshot cause there was no more space available. But the run had gone smoothly till 22/30 minutes.

When I stopped the run after 32 mins, there was a folder on this pc of nearly 40 MBs, containing the usual file but also TEMPDAT and TEMPDIR files.

When I try to open the file with chemstation, unexpectedly it says that there's nothing inside the folder and the preview only shows an empty run from 0 to 0.70 minutes.


Is it possible to recover some data from this folder? After all there's 30 MBs inside, there must be a way to open those files.

I hope I made myself clear,

sorry for my English