Help Needed to Order 7890 MS Transfer Line

Discussion created by physisgc on Oct 29, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2020 by paulsalverda

About a month ago, I was having leak issues on my 7890A/7000B, we determined it to be the transfer line and this was verified once we took the assembly apart. The pictures below is what we found.


We went to order a new transfer line assembly immediately on October 9th and have still not received the correct parts nearly a month later.


The main issue seems to be that no one knows what the part number is actually supposed to be. My boss was told to order "G3520A" and "G3520-64000" from an Agilent salesperson. However if you search these part numbers on the Agilent website, no results show up. Also, part finder does not list 


On October 13th, we received "G3520-60500 XLSI with Bracket Heater Septum and Nut" not even close to what we had thought we ordered. Our sales rep is now telling us we received the part we ordered but this is clearly not a GCMS transfer line.


Does anyone know the actual part number for a 7890A/7000B transfer line? Or another company we could order the part through? We've been shocked at how little assistance we've received over the last 3 weeks from Agilent.