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Replacement for a 6890 Main Board and a Autosampler Controller, suggestions needed.

Question asked by aline.castilla-vitkovsky on Oct 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2020 by aline.castilla-vitkovsky

Hello Agilent 

The 6890 autosampler controller will not power on. During troubleshooting, we discovered that the capacitors of the 6890 mainboard are leaking. Could the faulty capacitors cause a problem with the controller since the connecting plug/port is so close to the capacitors?   

My guess is that I need to replace them both, should I even try to replace them or because of their age (unit is ~20 yrs old) should I just upgrade to a new 7890? Please confirm. Would it be possible to find (order) the appropriate mainboard and controller?  

I upgraded the software last year and we are running using OpenLab Chemstation.

Here is all the information I have on the 6890

  1. HP6890 Serial# US00023409, Firmware Revision HP 6890 GC Rev A.03.08. 
  2. Main Board G1530-60011 Rev A Div 2340 (Serial# STI382451994).  Is there a replacement board available? 
  3. HP6890 Front: Auto-Sampler G1513A, Serial# US71101409, Controller Firmware G1512A.01.12, Injector Firmware G1513A.09.15
  4. HP6890 Back: Auto-Sampler G1513A, Serial# US71701860, Controller Firmware G1512A.01.12, Injector Firmware G1513A.09.14
  5. Auto Sampler Controller Box: G1512A Serial# US83206385.
  6. Sample Tray: Model 18596C, Serial# US83204369.


Thank you