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summary calculation, customs fields, OpenLab C.01.06

Question asked by mr.hbar on Oct 20, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by martin.adams

Hello everyone,

the average value of amount should be calculated with the default formula of the summary calculation and presented in the IR template.

The single value of amount was calculated from the compound amount corrected by sample and compound variables which were enterred in the referring customs fields. I used the formula below for the calculation. The single values were correct, but no statistic calculation (e.g. average etc.) could be executed in the summary calculation mode. The fields were not able to be activated / clicked.

Value=Round(Compound_Amount*Trim(Choose(2,Split(Compound_CustomField01, "|")))/Sample_Amount*(100/(100-WaterAmount-ResSolvAmount)),3)

summary calculation_OpenLab_IR

The results obtained are in the pdf attached


I have replaced the terms „Trim…“ by the command „Val ()“, but no having success.

The value obtained was zero, Val(Compound_CustomField01)= 0


I am working with OpenLab-Chemstation C.01.06


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