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Question asked by dnprulz on Oct 22, 2020
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For statistical purposes i have to create a table about the utilization of the HPLC-s. But it is far not easy as it seems.How I do it right now: I have to export the the System activity log for each HPLCs, then with a Visual Basic script I try to find all the lines with "Started injection" & "Completed injection". The run time can be calculated from the date & time values in the lines i've found (they have to be in the same sampleset) Also the correspondig samplesets can be collected in this step  But it takes a long time: exporting & analysing the audit trails. Is there a better way for it? What I need is: Number of Injections & Samplesets & Runtime per months per HPLC-s for a given time range.

Or maybe accessing the audit trail directly from an SQL database for skipping the export procedures?




(OpenLab CDS 2.4)