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Can you check whether or not a register table exists before calling it?

Question asked by evdehse on Oct 19, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2020 by rclement

I would like to check if the "peaksumcalc1" table in ChromRes register exists before attempting to call it.  I am looking to write a macro that would run through the "peaksumcalc1" table in the ChromRes register if it exists but not try to call it if it does not exist.  The only solution I have right now is to check whether any of the peaks are of type number "3" using TabVal(ChromRes[1],Peak,counter,CalPeakType), where "counter" starts at one and goes through a loop for the "numberofrows".  However, I think that if there are any unlabeled peaks they will be type "3" whether peak summing is used or not so this won't work in every situation.  Can I use the Check() function for a table or is there some other way to check is a table exists?