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How to have same height MS tic scan all the time openlabs reporting

Question asked by fprosje on Oct 19, 2020
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I am having difficulties with mass reporting, to get the MS tic scan to stay on one page, to have the same height all the time. Added screenshots to visualize what I mean. The reporting automatically changes the height of the tic scan, adapting to the amount of peaks found/integrated. This is not what I want. I know theoretically it should be possible to always have the same size of window for the TIC scan, right? Independing of how many peaks are present. Because one time you change it, drag the box down so that all the tic scan windows are visible and for the next sample it doesnt apply and all the windows are half all over different pages again. It is very frustrating to having to adapt the report over and over. So if this could be fixed, please tell me how.



Figure 1 below shows how it is when there are a lot of peaks and how we dont want it to be.

Figure 2 here below shows how we would like it (or even maybe max 4-5 mass tic scans per page so that all the masses are clearly shown)

Figure 3 and 4 here below show that one setting is ok for one sample but then for the next sample less peaks are present and the tic scans move all over several pages...