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How to prepare sequence summary report based on EICs?

Question asked by jfranke on Oct 14, 2020
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I'm using OpenLab CDS Chemstation Edition Rev. C.01.10.


I would like to automatically extract certain peak areas from sequence runs based on EICs. For example, I want to know the peak areas of a compound eluting at 5 min detected in EIC 471 across 20 different samples, resulting in a summary table. I think this kind of analysis could be done with intelligent sequence summary reports. The reports work perfectly fine for a single file when I first click load all signals and then create the report. However, I am struggling to include EIC data in the sequence summary reports which I generate via "Start Sequence Reprocessing". Everything related to MS data (TICs and EICs) stays empty in the sequence summary report, and the compound integration also does not work. It looks to me as if the reprocessing does not trigger the signal loading and quantification which normally happens when I click on "load all signals".


I already searched in the forum and found that "Sample Purity Options" might be used to automatically trigger EIC extraction, but I couldn't get this to work properly. When I set the target mass in the sequence runs and activate it under "sample purity options", I do see the corresponding EICs when I load the signals, but again when I start the sequence reprocessing they are not included.


I also tried to add the EICs via "signal details", but also this was not successful for analysing full sequences.


Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


Best wishes