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Shortcuts to filling out sequence information

Question asked by pomegranate on Oct 13, 2020
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I was wondering if there are any shortcuts to filling out the following sections of a sequence in OpenLab CDS 2.4:  


Sample Names/Description

Is there a way to copy-and-paste just the highlighted text in a single cell over to another?  I know this is possible for the cells in Sample Custom Parameters, but it seems that in the sequence table a user can only copy-and-paste an entire line.  I'd like to avoid my users doing this "whole line copy" as most of the time they end up deviating from the sequence pattern set by applying a Template.  


I know Fill Down is an option, but it does not suit all cases.  


Sample Custom Parameters

Is there a way to copy just the Custom Parameters from one sequence line to another?  



Any other tips are welcome.  Thank you!