Mass Spectrometry for Unknown Identification at Eastman Chem. Co.

Discussion created by tvasailor on Oct 11, 2020

We have utlilized Agilent/HP MSD's for over 35 years at Eastman Chemical Company.  They are very reliable and cost effective tools for compound identification in complex mixtures.  We have >40 GC-MSD's located worldwide to characterize unknowns.  NIST user librarys are automatically updated and shared over the corporate network nightly (>50,000 EI and >5,000 tandem spectra).


Over the years I have thoroughly documented and shared information presented in publications, ASMS presentations, workshops, and seminars:


Little Mass Spec and Sailing


I believe other mass spectrometry users will find the information on eiderivatization (TMS and methyl), library searchingspectral deconvolution, and unknown analysis beneficial in their R&D efforts.


Also, information is presented on the general identification of "known unknowns" in commercial products using accurate mass lcms methods.  A very targeted discussion is also discussed for the systematic identification of surfactants.