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Waveguide temperature error in MP-AES 4200

Question asked by dflores on Oct 7, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2020 by tmcsweeney

A customer has the MP-AES 4200 for soil analysis but recently started to have a problem with the ignition of the plasma or keeping the plasma on. The customer reported that was a problem with the exhaust system or the inlet fan (cooling system).



I checked all the system for indicious of obstructions but nothing.

Then I tried to ignite the plasma after purging the nitogen line from oxygen. The plasma turned on but after a while I noticed that waveguide temperature increased until stop the system and turn off the plasma. The TEMPERATURE_WAVEGUIDE_HIGH message appaered in the error window.



After checked the service manual of the MP-AES in the troubleshooting section I found a diagram for the cooling system that describe the cause of the error message - waveguide assy needs to be replaced. 



But, how likely is that the waveguide assy is causing the problem? What is the techinical reason for justify the purchase of a new one?