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How do you change the title in the qualifier ion chromatogram window?

Question asked by woodsja on Oct 9, 2020
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Above are the chromatogram windows for my quantifier (left) and qualifier (right) ions on a selected sample from the sample set that I'm currently working up. If I want to change the title that appears at the top of the quantifier I can right click on the chromatogram and select "Properties". Under the "Compound Information" tab, I can select the "Titles..." button where I can select between options like "Compound name", "Sample Name", etc as indicated below.

These options only apply to the quantifier ion chromatogram i.e. the left side of the figure above.


How do I change the title of the qualifier ion chromatogram?


I am using Quantitative Analysis version B.08.00 / Build 8.0.598.0