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Custom Calculation in MassHunter Quant

Question asked by soccerdad on Oct 4, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by soccerdad

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We are using MH quant 10 to calculate FAMES based on GC-MS data. I would love to be able to set something up that takes the calculated FAMES concentration in mg/l and converts it to total mg of that FAMES. The volume will be a fixed volume for all samples. From there it would be ideal to be able to convert the total mg of each FAME to total mg of the respective fatty acid and then finally convert the total mg of the fatty acid to a % w/w based on a mass of sample that could be entered either in MH quant or in the sequence table prior to acquisition.

Is this making any sense and is it possible using the PDF report builder approach. 


So the calculation would be 

mg/l FAMES -> total mg FAMES -> total mg fatty acid -> % (w/w) fatty acid