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Agilent Control Panel Cannot launch the instrument

Question asked by daveyalex on Oct 2, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2020 by ryoboyle

We just started having an issues last night where we cannot get our Control Panel program to launch either of our GC instruments. The control panel says the instruments are both "Not Connected" but we can ping them through the Windows 10 command prompt with no issues. We can also connect to our 8860GC through a web browser by typing in its local IP address. However, if we try to start an online instrument session, we immediately get an error message that says "Error Cannot launch the instrument" and the more details button gives us the following:



Text copied and pasted below:


System.InvalidOperationException: ChemStation command returned error : Access is denied.


   at Agilent.OpenLab.UI.ChemStation.ChemStationInvoker.HandleExitCode(Int32 exitCode, Instrument instrument)

   at Agilent.OpenLab.UI.ChemStation.ChemStationInvoker.LaunchInstrument(Instrument instrument, Connection connection)

   at Agilent.OpenLab.UI.ChemStation.ChemStationLauncher.LaunchInstrument(Instrument instrument)

   at Agilent.OpenLab.UI.Instruments.Services.InstrumentService.LaunchInstrument(Instrument instrument)

   at Agilent.OpenLab.UI.Instruments.Commands.LaunchCommand.Execute(Object parameter)




Does anyone know how to solve this issue?