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How to create a formula with calculations of custom fields values

Question asked by merchanax on Oct 1, 2020
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am developing an intelligent report for quantification in OpenLAB CDS 2.4 and I want to include an acceptance criteria in my results table. The acceptance criteria will pass if the compound amount is within +/- 10% of a reference value.


I was able to do so when only one analyte is quantified (typing the reference value in  the sample amount section) using the following expression:

=Iif(Compound_Amount<=(Sample_Amount-(Sample_Amount*0.1)), Compound_Amount>=(Sample_Amount+(Sample_Amount*0.1)),"Pass"


However, I haven't been able to create a formula for when several analytes are quantified. I've created a compound custom parameter "Expected amount" to be able to give reference values to each of the quantifiable analytes and I have been able to use the expression to calculate accuracy but I need help creating the formula for the acceptance criteria.


=Iif(Compound_Amount<=(CFE((Compound_CustomFields),"ExpectAmt")-(0.1*CFE((Compound_CustomFields),"ExpectAmt"))), Compound_Amount>=(CFE((Compound_CustomFields),"ExpectAmt")+(0.1*CFE((Compound_CustomFields),"ExpectAmt"))),"Pass")


Thank you for your time