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My problem is testing CaCO3 for Ca on the AA, my results for other feed products are right wher they should be, but the CaCO3 is testing 3-4% lower. Any ideas why this is happening?

Question asked by rcjennie on Sep 29, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2020 by tmcsweeney

At my lab we test animal feed. We test for Ca, Na and Mn on the AA. For most digests we use the MARS with nitric. To digest the CaCO3 we use 1:1 solution of HCL. Our other Ca results are where they belong and our proficiency sample is sometimes a little high, but our CaCO3 should be at 41% conc and is anywhere from 32-35%. We don't know where the loss of Ca is happening. We are using lanthanum as our diluent.