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Peak Purity in Openlab CDS 2.3version

Question asked by razakhan83 on Sep 25, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2020 by razakhan83

Dear All,

we are using openlab CDS2.3 Version and i have done some trial with force degradation of API and using the openlab CDS 2.3 version gave some weird result of peak purity and spectra with standard and degraded sample. Using 50% threshold value in the standard sample solution i am still getting peak purity failing and while in the degraded sample shows more pure then in standard which is not making any sense. I have attached the screen short to see if any one can help with the following point. There are 2 pic attached in the first pic sample (API) with 0.5M HCl and in the second pic it pure standard SST solution. further in the 2nd pic i overlaid the SST and sample solution if you see the spectrum is not matching at all.  

  1. what is the purity in term of regulations
  2. how we can set up the threshold value in Oenlab CDS.
  3. will the sample concertation will have an impact on peak purity.  Regard