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Chemstation Macro to run multiple sequences

Question asked by dariusu on Sep 17, 2020
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I am trying to run multiple sequences in a row via Chemstation software for GC. Since it is an older version of Chemstation, I cannot use Sequence Queue option. I have managed to create a macro, which could serve as a post-sequence macro. What it currently does is that it loads a sequence and runs it, however I got a few problems. In order to avoid repeating the same sequence all over again, macro would need to remove itself from post sequence option before second sequence starts or abort/close the Chemstation program after second sequence is over. I would like to know whether anything of that is possible to arrange or do I have to approach the problem differently. Another thing that I wonder is if a macro can change the subdirectory name of sequence? I have currently tried _dataseqsubdir$, but I always get parsing error. What could go wrong there?