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OpenLab CDS Calibration reporting issues

Question asked by timothymccabe on Sep 16, 2020
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I have been using OpenLab CDS for a little while now and using the report editor function have been able to generate reports for our labs GC analysis, that provides our data in the way that we required it. One of these reports contains a full system suitability report and information regarding the calibration curve of each of the 11 analytes of interest. 


After a 'Calibration Summary per Curve' there are 11 tables which should display the analyte name, calibration level (there are 4 for each analyte), the R^2 for the most recent calibration curve and the Rel. Residual % for each calibration level. 


When I reprocess a sequence and generate the report The R^2 value and equation of the line presented in the 'Calibration Summary per Curve' setction are all correct (i.e. they match what is displayed in the calibration section of the data processing section). However, the rel. residual % are all incorrect. They are always displayed as the same set of 4 numbers, regardless of which sequence I am currently reprocessing. 


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 


For clarity, I am using OpenLab CDS version 2.4.