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EIC Chromatograms into MassHunter Quant and Reports

Question asked by scvandev on Sep 11, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by brittpeterson

6 month GC-MS newbie here. I'm using an Agilent 5975 MS with a 7890 GC on Masshunter software. Basically, I'm trying to get the EIC chromatograms into the quant software and eventually into the final reports. For my labs' purposes, the EIC chromatograms are of far more importance than the TIC.


I can export images of the EIC chromatograms in qual and then place them into the reports manually, but this is going to be very time-consuming once our throughput gets higher. As of now only the TIC can show up in the "Sample Chromatogram" graphic. I'm using the Report Builder 10.0 if that helps in Quantitative Analysis mode. I've attempted to use Unknowns Analysis Report Builder but can't seem to find a way to test it with my batch. Am I missing something obvious(hopefully)? Is it something with the data bindings maybe? I'm kinda blindly adjusting settings but if someone can speed up the process that would be much appreciated!