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I Have a "ripple" pressure line

Question asked by svetlanka57157 on Sep 7, 2020
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We have a problem with Agilent 1290 Infinity II. When I work I found leaking at the exit of the loop (20 µl) (hinge broken off), followed by its replacement by a loop of 100 µl, after days of stable operation was discovered "ripple" pressure line (figure attached), and in a day the loop is "broken", began to understand the problem, found high pressure in the needle, washed, helped, replaced the needle, the situation has stabilized, but "ripple" pressure line and jump, still began to appear, and dramatically when unloading method (despite the fact that the column is of long standing phase and a given ow rate and the ripple remained on the water and in the simulator column), but it is necessary to switch the wavelength in the detector, and once the situation is either deteriorating (say there was no ripple, and then abruptly appeared), or Vice versa normalized (ripple disappears). We can't figure out how the detector and the pressure line are connected. Moreover, when disconnecting from the detector, even the pulsating line is preserved.