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How to do a conditional calculations

Question asked by oscarmcl on Sep 3, 2020
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I'm having trouble programming the intelligent report with conditional calculations.


"AV" is calculated from the average of the results obtained, applying a different formula depending on the case.

The cases are as follows:


98.5% ≤ Mean ≤ 101.5% --> AV = k*s

Mean < 98.5% -->    AV = 98.5 - Mean + K*s

Mean > 101.5 -->  AV = Mean – 101.5 +K*s


Where k is a constant (2.4) and s is standard deviation.

I have thought about this option (as an excel formula):

=IIF(Xlan<98.5, 98.5-Xlan+2.4*Slan, IIF(Xlan>101.5, Xlan-101.5+2.4*Slan, 2.4*Slan))



  • Xlan is the mean saved as variable
  • Slan is the standard deviation saved as variable


but it causes me a error in the program and changes it to this:





Why doesn't the formula work?

How could I set up the formula in a simple way?


¡A lot of thanks!