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Sample chromatogram and integration parameter window

Question asked by tijen on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2020 by brittpeterson

Question 1: I am new user GCMS 5977B 8890  for  IEM metabolic disorders at Mass Hunter quant window when  the  batch is  open and when  the  sample chromatogram open to  be sure  about the peaks when  you right click  the  library search is working  and  the metabolite I am searching is there  but the integration parameters that shows the peak according to RT window  with M/z values in small windows are not working  simultaneously with chromatogram it works according to batch  table target compound on top of the screen  where  you click  the metabolite in the related  batch. How can I make the integration parameters to work with together with cursor scrutinizing the sample chromatogram peaks not with the  batch target metabolite? 


Question 2: I am an EZchrom Elite user with Biochrom 30 AAA , when you come on the peak the cursor (mouse) show s the retention time with decimals 80.123, but on the Mass Quant sample chromatogram, 1 pane or 2 panes no matter when  you come on the  peak I want to see very sensitive Retention time information  not through x axis it is a very rough information retention time on x axis. How can I make it much sensitive to make accurate  information after confirmation through library search


Question 3: My Mass Hunter quant method gave an error and could not open the batch. Please see attached warning

what should be done. 


Thanks for your help.