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Making connection between an instrument and a computer

Question asked by emiliae on Sep 4, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by sschombu

Hello everyone,

I am trying to reorganize the lab with our Agilent 1100 LCs.

So far they were connected via router with their computers. There was one main computer in the local network that was assigning IPs to the instruments.

There occurred some issues that I am thinking could be caused by the way how the computers and the instruments are connected, so I want to connect the computers and the instruments directly with each other.


When I tried to connect one of the instruments and computers directly to each other, I can see only that there is no connection and information that "Network cable is unplugged". The lights in the LAN interface are not blinking. They blink only for a second when I restart the instrument. I replaced the cable- It didn't solve the issue. 

In the Internet Protocol Properties, I used an option "Obtain an IP address automatically" and also set it manually into: (IP address) and (subnet mask). It wasn't a solution.

The interface and the cable work when the computers are connected with each other via the main computer so it tells me that neither of them is broken.


I tried also to connect another instrument and computer directly to each other.

The same things happened.


The system I use is Windows XP.

The LAN interface is:

G1369A Agilent

The computers are not connected to the internet and have never been.


I will appreciate any suggestions on what can be the issue with my computers.