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GC 6890 starting runs by itself randomly

Question asked by rclement on Sep 3, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2020 by rclement

6890 GC with 5975 MS and CTC autosampler; connected through a Y remote cable (p/n G1530-31200).  It appears that the GC is randomly starting runs with the currently loaded method - nothing shows up on the PC in MSD Chemstation (doesn't show a runtime, but shows updated temperatures) and the GC doesn't actually trigger the MS turnon after the solvent delay. 


If we unplug the remote cable from the back of the GC, it doesn't happen but if we unplug both the MS and the autosampler from the Y-cable and leave the other end plugged into the GC, it happens.  It is very intermittent and random and I can't seem to reliably reproduce the issue.  I did borrow another cable and did not see the issue happen with this borrowed cable, but due to the intermittent nature of the problem, I'm not entirely sure how conclusive this is (could only borrow the cable for half a day).  Especially because I'm not sure how the remote cable can send a start signal to the GC if the other ends of the cable aren't plugged in...  Just wondering if anyone came across this and if it's worth replacing the cable first or if the connector on the main board is more likely to be the issue.