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Zero Air / Nitrogen generator replacement, advice needed

Question asked by aline.castilla-vitkovsky on Sep 1, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2020 by james_jenkins

Hello Agilent Community

Our Zero Air / Nitrogen generator from Parker Balston broke down and it has been discontinued. The supplier does not offer replacement parts and they do not longer have a gas generator model with the combination Air/Nitrogen. Therefore, we would have to replace it with two generators (one for air and one for Nitrogen). We are looking for other alternatives for the gas generator. We are currently running using gas cylinders, we are not set up to run permanently with them, this is just a temporary measure.   


Is it possible to connect the GC’s directly to the Oil free air compressor and the Nitrogen tank with the addition of in-line filters? That is basically what the gas generator was, the inlet was the air from our oil free air compressor and the unit will run the air through a series of filters / cartridges and a Nitrogen membrane cartridge to produce high purity air and nitrogen.


I need Agilent's expertise regarding GC gases purification and management to help me determine what is our best option. In-line filters or gas generators or a combination of both? 


The generator was supplying air @ a max of 2500 SLPM  at 85 psi and up to 400 cc/min of Nitrogen @ 75 psi to four GCs (three 6850's and one 6890) all equipped with FID detectors (total of 5 FIDs).  Nitrogen is our make-up gas running at 40 – 45 SPLM. The gas generator air supply was from our Oil Free air compressor; would it be possible to bypass the gas generator and replace it with your In-line gas Purifiers? If so, which ones and in what order? What is the cost of adding these purifiers and how often would they need to the replaced?

As for the Nitrogen, we have a liquid Nitrogen tank that can supply Nitrogen to the GC, the pressure of the Nitrogen supply is set for a max of 60 psi. Is this pressure is sufficient to run all GC’s? If so, what in-line gas purifiers are need and in what order? What is the cost of adding these purifiers and how often would they need to the replaced?


Thank you