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Solvent selection for GC column?

Question asked by tanapornp on Aug 18, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2020 by noreuter

I'm not sure which solvent is suitable for HP-Chiral-20B column which is mid-polar. Do I need to concern about polarity that much since it is GC not HPLC? I saw some researches used hexane and also ethyl acetate. Unfortunately, my sample can dissolve well only in 55% acetonitrile. So, I would like to ask if I could use acetonitrile as solvent and set the condition as same as using hexane or not? It works well with HP-5 column but I want to see the chiral separation, hence, I bought this HP-chiral-20B column. 


I'll be very appriciated for any suggestion. Thank you.