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How to specify sample with target spike in MH Quantitative Batch and check the recovery?

Question asked by cj1 on Aug 10, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by howard_sanford


for a target quatification with MRM, we measure the sample once without spike and once with a 30 ppb spike. We check if the concentration of the spiked sample matches the concentration of the sample without spike +30ppb within a range of 70-130 %.

I would like to know how to realize this in Masshunter Quantitative for QQQ 10.1.

What type do I use for the spiked sample (MatrixSpike?) and how do I link the result of the spiked sample to the sample without spike and perform some kind of outlier test on the spiked sample?


Any help would be most appreciated.


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