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Auto Sampler 1260 is Clog very high pressure

Question asked by jrengifo on Jul 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by ankugler

The auto sampler model G1329B 1260 is having high back pressure without column.

So far we had been doing the following:

  • Rotor seal is replaced 
  • Injection valve is cleaned
  • Metering Head is cleaned
  • Sample Loop is replaced
  • Needle seat is replaced
  • Needle is replaced
  • Pump is cleaned too.
  • All tubing lines connected to the injection valve were check one by one. Not clog
  • It's noticed that not solvent is coming out from  the injection valve to the column compartment.
  • Warm water was used to flush the system without column.

After all this procedure steps the back pressure still high.

What else we can do to prevent this issue again?

I noticed that several users have the same situation with this 1260 auto sampler.


Thank you