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[Masshunter 4.4 Workstation] Data Analysis doesn't start

Question asked by sterl on Jul 20, 2020

Hi everyone,


The 'Data Analysis' software, part of Masshunter 4.4 Workstation is not working anymore on the computer managing our ICPMS 7800. It simply doesn't start.
The Offline version is not working at all (whether you start it from a shortcut or from Masshunter), when the Online version doesn't start and Masshunter is not responding anymore, remaining "busy": Any analysis is therefore impossible, because it remains stuck at its step.


There weren't any unusual change or notification before this issue. Do you know what could be the issue or is there a simple way to fix it? Thanks



Masshunter 4.4 Workstation Software for 7800 ICP-MS

Version C.01.04 - Build 54417 - Patch 3


OS :

Windows 10 Pro 64 bits

build 15063.850