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Detector signal changes in ezchrom vs cds 2.4

Question asked by jenileehaddon on Jul 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2020 by ryoboyle



We are transitioning from open lab ezchrom to open lab cds 2.4. I can run a sample on ezchrom and import the .dat file into openlab cds 2.4 for processing and it gives a signal of "front signal" under identification tab. If I run the same sample using openlab cds 2.4, in the data processing, the signal says "FID1A". Why does the signal changes between programs?


I thought I could set up my calibrations before we do the full switchover so I imported calibration files with front signal from ezchrom but now I can't use those calibration runs to process new samples run on the method because the signal of new samples is FID1A, instead of front signal. If I change the signal to FID1A instead of front signal, a pop up windows says you will lose the calibration curve with signal change. Is there any way to change this so signals match and say front signal for both?


Also, for the chromatograms: for FID1A signal on openlab cds, the y axis measurement pA is 0.6-4.7 10^-1 and the front signal y axis on openlab cds (imported file), the scaling seems different. (see pictures)