What cool, hidden shortcuts do you use?

Discussion created by woodsja on Jul 15, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by cbm

I recently learned that in Quantitative Analysis B.08 I can cycle forward and backward through the compounds in a sample while in manual integration mode by double clicking either the left mouse button (LMB) or the right mouse button (RMB), respectively.


As an example: open a Quant batch, from the default layout select a sample, select 'Start/End Manual Integration', then double click w/ LMB and your quantifier/qualifer traces will move to the next compound in the list. You can quickly go back by double clicking the RMB!


I didn't find any mention of this shortcut in the help menu so I figured I'd share with others.


Do you have any shortcuts for using Quant or Qual to add?


It'd be nice if there was similar functionality to traverse samples e.g. Ctrl+RMB/RMB to move to the next sample.