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Calculate RSD on alternating injections

Question asked by schuurda on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2020 by martin.adams



I want the be able to calculate the RSD of our reference injections, but we need to do it each time with a different injection. I'm out of inspiration to get them grouped together. This is the situation:


1) at the beginning of the sequence, the reference is injected 5 times

2) after 4 sample injections the reference is repeated

3) in total this are 6 reference injections, RSD needs to be calculated on those


So far no problem, but we can build the sequence endlessly with sample injections. So if we have 8 sample injections, another reference injection is made. Then we need to calculate RSD of this reference injection with the 5 injections at the beginning, but without the reference injection made after 4 sample injection.


And so on for more sample injections. I don't know how to group every time the first 5 reference injections, with each other reference injection sepperately.


Thanks in advance,