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Does Biochrom and OpenLAB Consider the Internal Standard in the Amino Acids Calculations?

Question asked by nisreen88 on Jul 13, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2020 by ryoboyle
I'm using Biochrom 30+ for Amino Acid Analysis and software OpenLAB Control Panel from Agilent, my question is how the software deals with the Internal Standard (I.S)? We are using NORLEUCINE as an Internal Standard but I'm afraid that the method treats I.S as a normal analyte and not considering it in the calculations for the amino acids concentration. 
You can find in the attachment my amino acid results with the I.S and its known concentration, I run the same sample without adding I.S and it gave the same results, meaning my I.S has no effect in the other amino acid in calculations!
How can I edit the method to make sure that amino acids are calculated properly based on their ratio over my I.S: NORLEUCINE Concentration? Does Biochrom calculate the amino acids conc. in this way or in another way I'm not aware of? Please explain this point to me.