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1290 not connecting

Question asked by jacksilver on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by sschombu

Our 1290 was working fine until we moved it a couple of feet to another bench. Now, the modules don’t want to connect, they show yellow lights upon startup.

Going into LabAdvisor, it says “Could not connect to 1290. Ensure that the system is switched on and not connected by another controller”

  • We only disconnected a couple of the CAN cables, and the ethernet to the computer. These are reconnected.
  • The CAN cables are connected to CAN sockets, and I verified they are seated.
  • Ethernet is connected from the DAD to the computer, and is plugged into a LAN connection on the detector, I verified it wasn’t a CAN connector

Please advise what else I should look for.

Thanks in advance!