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ICP-OES Sensitivity Check

Question asked by agricult on Jul 6, 2020
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Does someone have experience in creating a sensitivity check on an Agilent ICP-OES VDV 5100? By a 'Sensitivity Check' i mean, a simple test where one would analyse a 5 ppm pure multi-element standard to check that the instrument sensitivity is performing correctly before carrying-out an analysis, covering the wavelength range of interest.


For my work I am investigating the attached list of elements at these wavelengths between 178 - 589 nm. Would it be appropiate to select 3 or 4 elements covering the beginning, middle and end of this wavelength range and compare the axial and radial emission intensity. I think if the difference in intensity for the Axial Vs Radial is about 1.5 and RSD values are low. Then if these are consistent on a daily basis it'll be easy to spot if problems do start occuring with sensitivity.


Should I use the same elements that I am analysing for as part of the Check or should I select independent elements?