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Spectrum Mill B.04 install on Windows 10/IIS 10

Question asked by gael58 on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2020 by howard_sanford



I tried to install Spectrum Mill B.04 on a new computer using Windows 10 Entreprise FR 64bits 2004 and IIS 10.

The install was successfull and I can connect to the millhome.html and have access to the various function pages.

I have a problem when trying to save or open datas (or using any other functions in a button) : I get a HTTP 404.0 error 'File not found". Paths and access rights (IIS user group have access rights to spectrum mill files and folders) are ok (and files are of course present).

So I guess there is an error/incompatibility in the Spectrum Mill/IIS 10.0 config.

Does anyone have successfully installed Spectrum Mill B.04 on IIS 10 with all functions operationnal? Do you have any idea on the cause of this problem?


Thank you!