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Method path does not exist

Question asked by damatze on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by howard_sanford

Hi there,
Since a recent (firmware?) update by a technician we constantly have the following problem (before we just had it very rarely).
When we write a worklist, the method paths in the tab 'method file' will shorten under certain actions by the operator.

For example if the Method islocated at: Data\MassHunter\Methods\xyz\method1
then it will shorten to: xyz\method1

In the worklist run parameters the general Method path is given as Data\MassHunter\Methods

This happened before the update as well, but back then it wasnt an issue and the Software could just handle it and still run the specified method.
We of course can circumvent this problem by updating all methods paths right before the measurement and not touching the worklist anymore but this is very annoying, especially if we run multiple samples with different methods.

Any solution for this?
Thanks in advance!


P.S.: Its MassHunter Version B.08.02 Build 8.2.8260.0 on a QQQ 6470A