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Sequences in Chemstation - adding lines/test to running sequences are not saved.

Question asked by topsoe-lak on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2020 by topsoe-lak

Hello Agilent,


For CDS Chemstation Rev. C.01.07 - C.01.10 we have experienced changes to software handling of sequence files. When adding more lines and sample name text to running sequences, the new lines and sample name text will not be stored after end of the running sequence. Sequence lines and sample names added just disappears after end of sequence. 


We start GC sequence runs in the morning, containing lines and sample name text for blanks, standards and already delivered samples. During the day more samples will be delivered for analysis and we then attach lines and sample names to the running sequence after arriva of sample to lab..


In older CDS Chemstation revisions (<= rev. C.01.05 or rev. B.0x.0x) added lines/names could be stored to running sequences during sequence runs or after end of sequence without any problems.


Why is the option for adding and storing lines/text in newer CDS Chemstation C.01.0x revisions removed?

Will this feature be fixed/added in next software service patches?


Or are there other ways for adding lines/text to running sequences and storing the information subsequently to the sequence file?


We hope you have a solution.. :-)


Please see attached sequence graphics from CDS Chemstation rev. C.01.10.


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