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QTOF source will not heat up

Question asked by hwhelton on Jun 16, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by m4esti

We have just switched our GC-QTOF back on after shutdown following Covid-19. As expected the system is taking a while to get to vacuum as it has been vented for 2 months (it has reached 9.1e-7 after vac down over the weekend).


When we attempted to heat the source to temperature we receive the following errors (5.31 main board #1 shutdown; 6.12 Hexapole RF fault; 7.30 main board #2 internal shutdown; 7.31 main board #2 shutdown) and the QTOF vacuum readback disappears.


We have tried resetting the electronics and the computer comms but this has not helped to resolve this issue.


Any advice on what to try next?